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Aku akan cinta orang yang mencintaiku, Aku akan rindu orang yang merinduiku dan Aku akan setia kepada orang yang setia kepadaku


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Friday, 28 December 2012 | 17:38 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum ..

Hi, I want to introduce my self . My name is Nur Aqilah Sharuddin . You can call me Aqila , Qila or whatever you want .. hehe .. I live at Ipoh , Perak . Now I'm eigteen years old * still young girl  O K A Y * . My father is Sharuddin and my mum is Shahariah . I have one sister and have other two brothers . very L O V E my adopted brothers and sister . Syazwan Iskandar is my lovely H U B B Y . OKAY , i think this is too much . thanks for coming and reading this :) and so sorry for my broken my english ..

" Saya bakal isteri , bakal ummi , bakal nenek , bakal jenazah , dan saya sedang berusaha bersungguh - sungguh untuk menjadi ahli syurga "  


.. " My heart right now is for Allah S.W.T , Rasulullah S.A.W , mum and my lovely dad " ..

iloveyou SAYANG

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